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  • 1996 – Spanish Lobsters at Green Island, Antigua

Unidentified Flying Object

Hydro foiling is transforming sailing. From the Vendee Globe single-handed racing to America’s Cup match racing to the ocean-going maxi-tri Ultime class, hydrofoil technology has boosted the speed of these boats to a previous unimaginable level. The wing keel on Australia II in the 1983 America’s Cup was just the beginning. I would have rolled myContinue reading “Unidentified Flying Object”

New (?) videos of sailing around the world on a 33-foot catamaran

Years ago, I made videos or more accurately “slideshows” of our circumnavigation, split into 4 parts. My daughter has been telling me to post them to YouTube on my channel. So here are the new/old (?) videos… Remember that these were the days before digital cameras and we could not afford a video camera. EachContinue reading “New (?) videos of sailing around the world on a 33-foot catamaran”

ebook now available

There are some benefits when you have free time at home due to social distancing. For years, I wanted to publish “Sailing Promise” as an ebook, but it only seemed to make sense if I would upgrade the pictures to color, which would take a lot of time that I did not have. My assumptionContinue reading “ebook now available”

After 20 years…

I thought it was time to update the website! Before I never had the time to move the site to a more modern format, so it just never changed. At my last company we used a custom WordPress theme for our website. Everyone said it was easy and powerful. I decided to try it outContinue reading “After 20 years…”

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