New (?) videos of sailing around the world on a 33-foot catamaran

Years ago, I made videos or more accurately “slideshows” of our circumnavigation, split into 4 parts. My daughter has been telling me to post them to YouTube on my channel. So here are the new/old (?) videos… Remember that these were the days before digital cameras and we could not afford a video camera. EachContinue reading “New (?) videos of sailing around the world on a 33-foot catamaran”

COVID-19 self-isolation is familiar

These days remind me of crossing oceans in a sail boat – stocking up on supplies for 6 months, self-isolation from the rest of the world, talking with friends periodically on the radio, having fun hanging out with the crew, eating all the tasty snacks out of boredom and becoming more in touch with theContinue reading “COVID-19 self-isolation is familiar”