ebook now available

There are some benefits when you have free time at home due to social distancing.

For years, I wanted to publish “Sailing Promise” as an ebook, but it only seemed to make sense if I would upgrade the pictures to color, which would take a lot of time that I did not have.

My assumption was correct – and now I have time – and the result is a cool new eBook with more pictures than the original that captures the vivid scenery of the tropics and the mood of the sea better than before. Check it out.

The ebook resizes based on font type and size choices as well as your device, so the concept of page numbers are a thing of the past. However, on page 262 of the paperback, when we were in the Mediterranean, Alayne said “The more time you have the less money you need.” And some things money just can’t buy.

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