COVID-19 self-isolation is familiar

These days remind me of crossing oceans in a sail boat – stocking up on supplies for 6 months, self-isolation from the rest of the world, talking with friends periodically on the radio, having fun hanging out with the crew, eating all the tasty snacks out of boredom and becoming more in touch with the nature in your backyard.

Of course, as a primary healthcare worker, Alayne is still required to go into her office. Although the appointments have been switched to phone calls, the occasional patient still needs to be seen. Healthcare cannot be deferred indefinitely. She comes home exhausted, and like when the seas were rough, I make dinner.

At the end of the passage we would hoist the yellow “Q” flag to indicate quarantine. The officials would come aboard and decide whether we were allowed ashore. The flag is already raised. I think we will have to be patient before hearing the official word.

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