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25 years ago we sailed around the world

  • 1994 – Leaving Friday Island, Australia

Welcome to Main Sailing

We circumnavigated the world from 1992 to 1996 on a 33 foot catamaran. That was along time ago – before we had careers, children – before the internet, Google Earth, social media – back when adventure travel meant heading out into the truly unknown.

Here is the story of our trip, as well as what is happening now.

Just the two of us sailed for weeks at a time across vast oceans looking for adventure

GPS had just been launched, which allowed us, with very little experience, to sail to distant shores
For 4 years we lived off the grid, lived off of the sea and in tune with nature

Will you marry me…

…and sail around the world?

Yes and Yes. Alayne wrote “Sailing Promise” about our adventure – from her perspective. May seem hard to believe now, but this was the first sailing book of its kind – written by a woman sharing and voicing her thoughts and emotions in a male dominated sport.

  • 1994 – Hill Inlet, WhitSunday Islands, Australia

Unidentified Flying Object

Hydro foiling is transforming sailing. From the Vendee Globe single-handed racing to America’s Cup match racing to the ocean-going maxi-tri Ultime class, hydrofoil technology has boosted the speed of these boats to a previous unimaginable level. The wing keel on Australia II in the 1983 America’s Cup was just the beginning. I would have rolled my…

New (?) videos of sailing around the world on a 33-foot catamaran

Years ago, I made videos or more accurately “slideshows” of our circumnavigation, split into 4 parts. My daughter has been telling me to post them to YouTube on my channel. So here are the new/old (?) videos… Remember that these were the days before digital cameras and we could not afford a video camera. Each…

ebook now available

There are some benefits when you have free time at home due to social distancing. For years, I wanted to publish “Sailing Promise” as an ebook, but it only seemed to make sense if I would upgrade the pictures to color, which would take a lot of time that I did not have. My assumption…

  • 1996 – Mid-Atlantic